Sabine Haenni


Born into a Spanish-German family, Sabine Haenni-Braatz grew up in Bern. She lived with her family in Zurich since the early 1990s. Before her children were born, Sabine worked in international sales in the graphics industry.

She is interested in the idea of self-healing for already 25 years now and attended a number of courses in kinesology and applied them in the circle of her family. Her initiation into Reiki (first and second degree) at the end of the 1990s took her one step further towards the ideal healing method.

Sabine Haenni’s initial contact with Jin Shin Jyutsu was through her Spanish friends. A visit to Tarragona, her mother’s home town, showed how holidays, massages and the healing practices of Jin Shin Jyutsu could be successfully combined.

This experience strengthened her decision to become a practitioner. Following intensive training in Spain, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Sabine Haenni started out as a self-employed Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner in Nägelistrasse, Zurich, in spring 2010.

Through her Spanish friends she got to know Jesús Sanjaime, who works with curative treatment for many years now. Sabine and Jesús complement themselves perfectly in private, as well as at work.

They go their further in life together. The focus is on the health and healing. In order to entirely understand their clients they combine following methods; Jin shin Jyutsu, PSYCH-K and Biomagnetic Therapy.

Sabine Haenni’s credo is: “I feel very privileged to be able to spend time with my clients. I learn something new every day and it is wonderful to consciously participate in the positive change in people’s lives. It gives me great pleasure to help people, to accompany them on their journey through life for a while and to feel the effects of positive changes”.