Help with cancer

We try first to reduce the stress of the diagnose. In each healing process it is very important to calm the fear and to improve the belief on the cure.

The secondary effects can be during the chemotherapy and radiotherapy considerable be reduced.

Jin Shin Jyutsu helps with the self-help! Irradiated areas show rarely burn injuries! We give our customers the corresponding instructions (PDF JSJ Cancer)

Bio magnetic
The philosophy of Dr Isaac Goiz starts from the premise that the tumours can only be developed in the presence of different micro-organisms, like virus and bacteria. These micro-organisms produce changes among others of the pH or release toxins. All these changes have an influence in the cell behaviour improving their cancerous growth. With the application of the magnets in the bio magnetic this situation can be neutralized.

Bio magnetic is only applicable if no chemotherapy has been executed.

Psych-K reduces the stress factors of the diagnostic. Constructive and positive believes will be grounded to believe into the healing process.

We show you the possibilities of a treatment during a personally conversation and explain the methods deeply.

Support by cancer therapy: