Jesus Sanjaime


Jesús Sanjaime grew up in Gandía, a city near Valencia. He lived in Elche for the last 40 years, close to Alicante. In 2015 the life leads to Sabine Haenni to Zurich.

Jesús discovers the world of healing quite 30 years ago in Elche through a natural experience. His personal development lets him help people. The success of his natural methods causes that people from entire Spain demand his help.

The request grows so fast that he has no time for his family; therefore Jesús reduces his spiritual activities in a first step. Afterwards he closed the successful shoe factory he ran and said good bye to this industry. From this point Jesus dedicated himself totally to the world of spiritual healing.

Jesús enters into the world of therapies and integrative medicine. The fusion between nature and wisdom he performs, leads repeatedly to wonderful results.

To each question has Jesús a corresponding answer, which is at the right level of the asking person. He possesses a huge passion to share and teaches his wisdom with pleasure. Jesús is a very special and fascinating person, who has several talents, which he applies tenderly. His interest is always to help his clients in making them recognize and understand the proposed solution. His comprehension and empathy astonishes again and again. He knows things before the client experiences it. We could speak about a nature philosophe.

The work with people does Jesús satisfies and inspires him always to develop new possibilities of healing. Jesus’ key words are:

Accept, forgive and permit that life drives us and makes us happy in order to receive the fullness of life.